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Based on 8 Key Areas for Financial Freedom

Growth Potential

To grow you must focus on improving the 7 key inputs, your business growth drivers. Do that and profit, cash flow and the value of your business increase, simple!

Exit Planning

The goal of every owner should be to grow the Equity Value with a view to exiting successfully (and not paying too much tax), your exit is inevitable, success is not.

Profit and Cash

Businesses don’t fail because they don’t make enough profit, they fail because they run out of cash, managing cash flow is critical for survival.


Every well run company forecasts Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet, and reports Performance vs Forecast to manage the business.

Strategic Tax Planning

Your business should be your most valuable asset, but you need to plan ahead because whilst we all pay tax, no-one says you have to pay HMRC a tip.

Performance Review

It is only possible to grow a business by improving the Business Growth Drivers, so you must set targets for improvement and regularly review progress vs plan.

Business Education

Financial and Business Education are critical: Only 42.5% of businesses survive to year 5, less than 2% of go onto sell or exit., and less than 5% do so successfully.

Systems & Process

Documented ‘Systems and Processes’ are critical because without it, you cannot scale successfully, and it is highly likely to render your business unsellable.